5 Best Axolotl Commercial Food

Axolotls make great pets because these aquatic creatures are friendly and interactive, and pretty easy to care for.

Once you have housed your little monster, you will have to think about its food. If you are looking for commercial food for your axolotl, this post is for you. 

Choosing the right food for axolotls can be a bit tricky, given the fact that most food products on the market contain insufficient amounts of protein.

While there are other diet options, commercial food can make things easier for both you and your axolotl

In this post, we are going to recommend 5 best axolotl commercial food products for axolotls. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision. 

Why do Axolotls Need Commercial Food?

Why do Axolotls Need Commercial Food?

Well, axolotls love commercial food. Commercially prepared food products provide a complete diet for axolotls, so you will have some peace of mind, knowing that your little monster is not going to have nutritional deficiencies.

Commercial food is also very easy to use, and that’s another reason why you may want to invest in it. 

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look For in a Good Commercial Food for Axolotl?

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look For in a Good Commercial Food for Axolotl?

In the wild, axolotls eat insects, crickets, slugs, mosquito larvae, snails, worms, frog tadpoles, small crustaceans, fishes, and mollusks.

In captivity, axolotls eat blackworms, nightcrawlers, raw meat, daphnia, brine shrimp, and beef liver, among other things. 

When choosing commercial food for axolotls, it is important to ensure that the food contains the ingredients that axolotls eat in the wild and in captivity

If you know what to look for in the product you are going to buy, it gets a lot easier to choose the right product. Here are the factors that need to be taken into consideration. 

Purchase Food Made from Meaty Sources

Opt for meat-based diets for your axolotls. The pellets you purchase for your tiny dragon should come from meaty sources.

Meat-based flavors are not good for axolotls. Therefore, avoid pellets that contain meat-based flavors. 

40% Protein Content or Above

Axolotls are carnivores, and therefore require high levels of protein. Make sure the protein content of the food you buy is 40% or above. The fat content should be around 20%. 

Does Not Change the Hardness of Water

Axolotls require a GH of 125-250ppm. Too much diversion from this range can be bad for the overall health and well-being of axolotls.

Some commercial food products contain salt, which can change water parameters. So, carefully check the label before you buy food for your axolotl.

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Sinking Pellets Instead of Floating

Axolotls are known as bottom-feeding animals, so Food Sinking Pellets are beneficial.

This makes it easier for the axolotl to access a food source instead of having to surface in order to get the food.

5 Best Axolotl Commercial Food and Their Reviews

We are going to review 5 best axolotl commercial food products below.

While there are many options to choose from, most products do not come with balanced nutritional properties that axolotls for their health and overall well-being.

When choosing these products, we have taken all relevant factors into consideration. 

Let’s dive in. 

ProductsMeaty SourcesProtein Content(40% or Above)Change the Hardness of Water
#1 Invert Aquatics Soft Pellets for AxolotlsYesYesVery little 
#2 Organically Grown EarthwormsYesYesNo
#3 A Lotl Axolotls – Axolotl Pellets – Carnivore FoodYesYesNo
#4  Freeze Dried California BlackwormsYesYesNo
#5 Hikari Sinking Carnivore Pellets for PetsYesYesNo
Comparison of axolotl commercial food

1. Invert Aquatics Soft Pellets for Axolotls

If you are looking for pellets that you can feed your axolotls as the primary type of food, this product is one of the best options out there.

These quick sinking pellets are rich in nutrients and ingredients that are needed for the functioning of your little dragon. 

Invert Aquatics Soft Pellets for Axolotls

The ingredients and nutrients include fish meal, soy lecithin, wheat feed flour, squid meal, fish oil, brewers dried yeast, shrimp meal, dicalcium phosphate, bentonite, L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate, propylene glycol, gluten, choline chloride, spirulina, vitamin E supplement, Astaxanthin, d-calcium pantothenate, and thiamine mononitrate.  

The nutritional properties of these pellets also include riboflavin supplement, vitamin A supplement, folic acid, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin B12 supplement, vitamin D3 supplement,  manganese sulfate, inositol, zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, crude protein minimum 45.0%, crude fat minimum 18.0%, and moisture maximum 12.0%. 

The pellets do not contain added salt, and therefore do not change water parameters. Thanks to the balanced nutritional properties, the pellets are also good for all amphibians and salamanders.

But that’s just one aspect of the product. Axolotls consume the food because they love its taste

Axolotls are bottom-dwelling creatures, and these are sinking pellets. So, your little dragon will not have to surface in order to get the food.

Feel free to use the pellets as the main type of food for your axolotls. 

The pellets are soft and moist, so they absorb water quickly and sink easily. They can be easily broken into smaller pieces, and therefore they are ideal for axolotls of all ages. The bag is resealable. 

Invert Aquatics Soft Pellets for Axolotls Pros and Cons: 

Highly nutritious
Easy to break into pieces
Absorbs moisture quickly
Has a fishy smell
Makes the water a bit cloudy
Invert Aquatics Soft Pellets for Axolotls Pros and Cons

2. Organically Grown Earthworms

Axolotls are carnivores, and worms are superfoods for these salamanders. Worms have high levels of protein that axolotls need.

The good thing is organically grown earthworms are available on the market. 

50 Count Red Wiggler Live Organically Raised Premium Red Wiggler Composting Worms

These earthworms can be used for a host of different purposes—not just feeding axolotls. You can use these worms for fishing baits and composting. 

Your axolotl’s diet should be high in protein—about 40%. These amphibians also need high levels of vitamin D3 and calcium. Live worms are an ideal source of these nutritional properties. 

These live red wiggler worms are inexpensive and portable. The packaging is good, and the worms arrive alive. With these worms, you even consider starting your own worm colony. 

When stressed, red wigglers secrete a substance which axolotls may find unpleasant. But that is not the case with all axolotls. 

If you want to make your axolotl feel like it is living in the wild, investing in these earthworms is one of the best things you can do. 

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Organically Grown Earthworms Pros and Cons: 

Nutritious for axolotls
Good packaging
Some worms may die if shipping takes longer
Organically Grown Earthworms Pros and Cons

3. A Lotl Axolotls – Axolotl Pellets – Carnivore Food

If you are looking for something that can replace earthworms as the primary food item for your axolotl, this high-protein food is the best option out there. 

These protein-based pellets are intended for not only axolotls but also all aquatic carnivores.

A Lotl Axolotls – Axolotl Pellets

While axolotls of all ages can digest these pellets, they are more suitable for axolotls that measure 4″ or larger. 

The pellets are a bit hard, but absorb water quickly, and sink smoothly. They are good for axolotls and other bottom-feeders such as worms and shrimp. Your little monster will love the taste of this food. 

If your axolotl is currently on a different diet, feel free to introduce these meat-based pellets. The transition will be quick and effortless. 

A Lotl Axolotls – Axolotl Pellets – Carnivore Food Pros and Cons: 

Sink quickly
A good alternative to earthworms
Not soft
A Lotl Axolotls – Axolotl Pellets – Carnivore Food Pros and Cons

4. Freeze Dried California Blackworms

Blackworms are among the best food options for axolotls. While blackworms are smaller than earthworms, they are pretty similar in terms of nutritional value.

Yes, you can use blackworms as a staple food for earthworms, but for this purpose you will need lots of blackworms. 

Aquatic Foods Inc. Blackworms, Freeze Dried California Blackworms

However, there is a brilliant solution: blackworms are available in freeze-dried, cube forms.

This product from Aquatic Foods Inc is suitable for axolotls, cichlids, cory cats, discus, and all marine and tropical fish. 

If you are having a hard time finding the right diet for your axolotl, you can’t go wrong with these freeze-dried blended blackworm cubes.

Axolotls love this all-in-one nutritional diet. The cubes are pretty large, so you may want to break them into smaller pieces

These pellets are an assortment of Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp Cubes, Tubifex worm, California Blackworm Small Cubes, Freeze Dried Beef Heart Cubes, Mysis Shrimp,  Beef Heart California Blackworms, California Blackworms & Spinach, and California Blackworms & Plankton. 

There may be some beetle-like dead things in the cubes. Don’t worry about them. Axolotls like them as well. If your axolotl is a picky eater, you can’t go wrong with these blackworm cubes. 

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Freeze Dried California Blackworms Pros and Cons: 

High in nutritional value
Great for picky eaters
Axolotls love the taste
The cubes do not sink quickly enough
Don’t break up very easily
Freeze Dried California Blackworms Pros and Cons

5. Hikari Sinking Carnivore Pellets for Pets

Hikari Sinking Carnivore Pellets are a meat-based diet manufactured for axolotls and other bottom-dwelling animals. This is one of the best food products for aquatic carnivores. 

Hikari is one of the most well-known providers of food products for tank animals, and these protein-based pellets are a proof of the company’s high standards. 

Hikari Sinking Carnivore Pellets for Pets, 2.61-Ounce 2 pack by HIKARI

This protein-rich formula is good for the digestive system of axolotls, and contributes to their normal growth. The pellets also have other nutrients that axolotls need for their growth and well-being.

The fortified vitamin C in the pellets improves your axolotls’ immunity, making them healthier and more agile. L-lysine and DL-methionine are among the key ingredients. 

These pellets do not dissolve quickly and that’s a good thing because the tank water does not get cloudy.

There is another reason why it is a good thing that the food takes time to degrade: axolotls are slow eaters. 

While the pellets do not dissolve quickly, they absorb water pretty quickly. The manufacturers of this food conducted extensive study and analyzed the sense of smell, taste and sight of some aquatic carnivorous animals, including axolotls. 

Hikari Sinking Carnivore Pellets for Pets Pros and Cons: 

Balanced combination of nutritional properties
Good for axolotls’ digestive system
Stabilized vitamin C
Some axolotls may not like the taste
Hikari Sinking Carnivore Pellets for Pets Pros and Cons

What Do Axolotls Eat in Captivity?

What Do Axolotls Eat in Captivity?

In captivity, axolotls eat smaller animals and water-based insects. Different types of worms, brine shrimp, daphnia, and nightcrawlers are also used as food for axolotls.

Luckily, all these animals and insects are available on the market. 

For axolotls in captivity, earthworms are the best dietary option. They have all the nutritional properties to meet the dietary requirements of your axolotls. 

With that said, it is important to wash worms before you feed them to your axolotl. If the worms are too large, cut them into smaller pieces. White or black worms can be a suitable alternative to earthworms. 

If you are raising baby axolotls, brine shrimp is the best dietary option out there. Brine shrimp are easily available, and axolotls love them. 

But live shrimp can carry diseases,and that is a cause of concern. They also die quickly, so you will have to clean the tank pretty frequently. 

For baby axolotls, another great food source is daphnia. But the problem with live daphnias is that they are too small, and axolotls fail to see these creatures. They may also carry unwanted bacteria and parasites. 

Commercially manufactured food is the best dietary option for axolotls in captivity. By just choosing safe and high-quality commercial pellets, you can avoid most of the dangers associated with live food options. 

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Axolotl Commercial Food FAQs

What can I feed my axolotl instead of worms?

Nightcrawlers, blackworms, red wigglers and and bloodworms are great for axolotls. However, if you do not want to feed worms, for whatever reason, there are some other options.

Daphnia, grub pie, commercially marketed pellets, ghost shrimp, and feeder fish are some good options.  

What do you feed an axolotl?

When choosing food for axolotls, try to replicate the natural diet of these amphibians. Ideally, your axolotl’s diet should be a combination of earthworms, brine shrimp, bloodworms, and daphnia.

However, most axolotl owners opt for commercial pellets that contain all the ingredients that axolotls need for their health and well-being. 

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Can axolotls eat freeze-dried bloodworms?

Yes. Axolotls are carnivores, and they love worms—both live and dead. Freeze-dried bloodworms are a highly nutritious diet for axolotls. 

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In Conclusion

Keeping axolotls as pets gets a lot easier if you find food products that are both healthy and easy to use.

You can’t go wrong with any of the five products we have reviewed in this post. All of them can meet the nutritional requirements of your little dragon. 

However, if you ask for just one recommendation, we would recommend A Lotl Axolotls. These pellets are super easy to use, last long, and axolotls love the taste.

As a cheaper alternative, consider buying Invert Aquatics Soft Pellets. Your axolotl will soon fall in love with these nutritious pellets. 

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